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Alison Mesley  Art Psychotherapist - Beacon Clinic

Alison Mesley

Art Psychotherapist

MA, HCPC and Baat Registered

07551 579672


MA Art Therapy

Foundation Diploma in Art

CAT certification

(Children's Accelerated Trauma Treatment)


Textile Design and Design Management 2 ii (Hons)


British Association of Art Therapists

HCPC registered

I have been a qualified and state registered Art Psychotherapist since 2012.

I trained at the University of Hertfordshire and am registered by the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC). I am also a full member of the British Association of Art Therapists (Baat).


Since qualifying, I have undertaken a number of CPD trainings including Children’s Accelerated Trauma Treatment(CAAT) and Dyadic Training. I regularly attend the Attachment and the Arts conference.


Assessments and Therapy session vary from £60- £100 per hour. Rates will be discussed and agreed with the Art Psychotherapist.

Concessionary rates may be available.

If you are unable to keep an appointment please give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full fee may be charged.

I use a person-centred psychotherapeutic approach, believing that the individual has the tools within them to heal the hurt they are currently feeling, and that with respect and acceptance they can find a more fulfilling way of being. I also bring the understanding that we are all part of the family and society in which we live, and it is therefore important to consider the impact that these systems may be having on us.  This means that when working with children and young people I may well ask that a parent or carer attends some sessions with the young person or child.  By working dyadically in this way, both individuals will have a deeper understanding of each other, and the parent or carer will be better able to support the work that has been undertaken. Such positive attachments are crucial to our ability to thrive.

I also believe that it is helpful for clients to understand a little of how their brain may be catching them out and so will often share some psycho-education.  Understanding what is happening can sometimes be the key to addressing emotions and feelings and processing them cognitively.

I work mainly with children and young people, having worked in mainstream and special school settings. I have recently also worked in adult palliative care with both patients and their families.

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