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Art Psychologist for Children
Art Psychotherapy - Beacon Clinic Malvern


What is ​art psychotherapy?
Art psychotherapy is a specialist form psychotherapy, that can help to address emotional issues that may be confusing or distressing. The non-confrontational way of engaging through the medium of art can help an individual to open up, where previously starting to communicate about problems may have been difficult. 

Sometimes we do not have the words to express our thoughts and feelings either because we were pre verbal when the distress occurred or because we have not been able to process the “gut” reaction. The art helps express, communicate and work through the issues that you are needing help with. The sessions are often enlightening and enjoyable. Art may involve anything from doodles, scribbles, scratch drawings, or other mediums, with or without colours.

Although influenced by psychoanalysis, art psychotherapists have been inspired by theories such as attachment-based psychotherapy and have developed a broad range of client-centred approaches such as psycho-educational, compassion focussed, mindfulness and mentalization-based treatments.

Art Psychotherapist

Alison Mesley - Art Psychotherapy - Beacon Clinic Malvern
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