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Dr Geoff Lovell


PhD and BSc. hons 

01684 893393

Dr Geoff Lovell has been helping people strive for their best selves for over 25 years.

Geoff is a registered HCPC Psychologist specialising in sport, exercise, health and wellbeing. As a registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, adopting a positive psychology perspective, Geoff helps people from a range of backgrounds with various challenges, including elite sports people, developing young athletes, parents of young athletes, coaches, active people recovering from injury, people adapting to injury and disability, people striving to lose weight and live a healthier life, and people who generally just want to do better.

Professional Swimmer

Geoff’s background:

Geoff has been in private practice for over 25 years and has held his doctorate since 1998. He has extensive experience of designing, leading, and providing elite sport psychology services supporting Great Britain and Australia Paralympic and Olympic Team successes. Geoff has supported athletes at every Olympic and Paralympic summer games since 1996 and been to Commonwealth Games and Paralympic Games. Geoff has actively supported European Championship, World Championship, Paralympic, and Olympic medal winners. Geoff has been involved with Great Britain National teams in kayaking, shooting, water polo, and weightlifting. In Australia, Geoff had substantial leadership roles in high profile Paralympic and Olympic campaigns. Most recently, Geoff was a member of the Dolphins; the Australian National Swim Team. As a sport psychologist, Geoff closely supported Olympic pool and open water medal winning performances at Tokyo 2020. As the team Sports Psychologist for the Australian Paralympic Swim Team attending the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, Geoff also played a key role in helping many Paralympic swimmers win medals and achieve their dreams.

Geoff’s practical expertise in providing effective and helpful psychology intervention and support is also aided by Geoff's extensive research background. As a scientist practitioner, Geoff has published over 100 peer reviewed journal articles, presented at international conferences, and written book chapters. For a full list of Geoff’s publications, visit

Some specific examples of support Geoff offers include:

  •  Helping elite performers 

Here he helps manage the challenges of training and competition, learning and using targeted psychological skills and strategies, so that people can be their best selves in pressured competition with a focus on wellbeing. He has been to numerous World Championships with various sports, has attended multiple Paralympics, and supported medal winning performances at every summer Olympics and Paralympics since 1996.

  • Working with developing sports stars

Helping them to balance the complex demands of school, social development, training, and competition. Teaching and reinforcing specialised mental skills and strategies to build resilience and mental fitness, as well as enhancing performance.

  • Supporting adventure teams

Helping them to prepare for unpredictable, dynamic, challenging environments and situations. Developing coping and communication strategies to aid problem solving and manage fatigue based conflict to facilitate performance satisfaction and associated outcomes.

  • Promoting recovery from injury and illness

Whether you’re a multi-medal winning Olympian, striving to run your first marathon, looking for that lost confidence to use your repaired knee to ski again, or someone trying to get back to work, injuries can be substantial road blocks to progress and performance. Psychological support is well recognised as a valuable adjunct to physical therapy, helping make a fuller, less stressful recovery and return to peak performance. For those athletes struggling with overtraining syndrome, psychological intervention and support is equally as important.

  • Supporting parents of training young athletes

Knowing how to help and manage developing young athletes is a very challenging prospect for the devoted parent. Understanding what to do to help your child athlete, both during training and competition, as well as when competition goes well and when it doesn’t, can be a confronting emotional task. Having a safe and informed space to develop your ‘athlete-parent’ skills and strategies, can be as important as helping support the athlete's development, for performance and family harmony!

  • Helping motivate you on your journey to a more active and healthy lifestyle

For many of us our goal is not an Olympic Gold medal, however, the psychological strategies that can help us with the motivation to exercise, diet, and develop, as well as find solutions to those inevitable road blocks are very similar. Having help to develop your goal setting and life management abilities, coupled with those very important skills of acceptance, self-compassion, and resilience are so important for achieving and maintaining active and healthy lifestyles.

  • Building performance into your life

Performance means many different things to different people. Some performance is framed around sporting achievements, for others, living a healthy and full life, or maybe academic success is your performance focus, or maybe career progression. Whatever is your personal current performance focus, having help to use positive psychological strategies is likely to be key in helping you unlock your performance potentials.

Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall


50 minute sessions - £70

If you are unable to keep an appointment please give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full fee may be charged.


PhD. (1998). Sport Psychology

Upper second-class BSc. hons. (1991)

 Biology and Movement Studies.
St. Mary’s College, Twickenham


Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC): Registered Practitioner Psychologist (Sport and Exercise)

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Registered Psychologist 
Advance HE: Senior Fellow (SFHEA)

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