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Malvern Hills View with Sun Rays

About Us

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The Beacon Clinic is a complementary health centre in the West Midlands, it was founded by Drs Martin and Sue Allbright. Both Martin and Sue have a background in the NHS and conventional medicine, having both worked in hospital medicine and General Practice. Whilst practitioners work ultimately as independent practitioners the Clinic places a strong emphasis on understanding each other's skills and how these can best help patients.
Beacon Clinic Malvern Building

We aim to provide a high quality professional peaceful atmosphere so when a person, whether it be a client or a practitioner, steps into the Beacon Clinic they feel calmer. By doing so we aim to improve the following:

- That clients are going to feel more comfortable and able to engage with their practitioner(s) 

- That practitioners are much more likely to be in a grounded state of focus for facilitating an improvement in the health of their clients.

Our aim for the 'Professional Development of Practitioners'

We want an environment where practitioners:

 - Are able to enjoy and possess a passion for what they do

 - Are able to possess the skills of self-reflection of the effects of their actions on clients, colleagues and the clinic as a whole

 - Have a willingness to share their knowledge, experience and insights

 - Wish to improve liaison, communication and understanding with conventional forms of health treatment

Quaker connections

We had been at the Beacon Clinic for nine years and then by chance we discovered a piece of information on the Malvern Quaker website which states.

‘In 1856, Friends (Quakers) in Malvern rented a large room over the stables in Portland Road for their Meetings for Worship but, just before the Second World War, they built their own Meeting House in Orchard Road and it was opened for worship in 1938.’

The clinic may have been the very building where the Quakers met. Although the clinic is not a Quaker organisation, we have always respected the Quaker values of integrity, equality, tolerance and simplicity, honesty and fairness.

We place these values at the heart of the way we run the clinic and hope that practitioners will also respect these qualities as they work in the clinic and care for clients

Lanten in Peachfield pond with ripples - Malvern
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