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Seeds horse chestnuts - Photo take by Dr Martin Allbright - Malvern - Beacon Clinic
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Join the Team

After an initial chat on the telephone we arrange an informal meeting, and show you around the facilities.

If you then want to apply to join, we request you provide us with a cv, evidence of your qualifications, insurance and two references (and where possible a collection of client testimonials).

As we all value the sense of community and mutual trust that exists here at the clinic, the directors will often involve some of the others on the team in the process of a new practitioner joining. 

Beacon Clinic break room

Practitioners work as independent therapists. Each practitioner is responsible for the building of their own practice through the development of their own reputation as an expert therapist in their own right. Practitioners contribute to and become part of the team at the clinic, including attending joint practitioner education meetings. Practitioners are keen to work collaboratively with each other when this is in the best interests and with the agreement of the client.

Our room hire rates as of 1st May 2023:

  • Regular 3-4h block bookings range between £18 - £25

  • Hourly Ad Hoc rates range between £10 - £16

If you are interested in joining the Beacon Clinic, please give us a call on

01684 893393we look forward to hearing from you.

Team at the Beacon Clinic

Thank you for showing an interest in the Beacon Clinic!

We are a friendly relaxed, happy team of practitioners and we welcome any enquiries. We value practitioners who are dedicated, highly motivated and skilled in their area of expertise, and have a keenness to work with like-minded practitioners. We consider practitioners who can show evidence of thorough training and experience.


 If you would like to discuss the possibility of joining the team then feel free to make contact with either

Dr Martin or Dr Sue Allbright.

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