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Lantern in pond at Peachfield Malvern - Beacon Clinic
beacon clinic lighthouse sunse
Lantern in pond at Peachfield Malvern - Beacon Clinic

Clinic Logo

Beacon Clinic original logo - Malvern

Where does our logo and out name 'Beacon Clinic' come from?

There are several parts to this, the first is the name Beacon. Not only is the clinic situated near the Worcestershire Beacon, but the word beacon also means a source of guiding light or inspiration, hence the image of the lantern. We hope as practitioners we can provide 'a light to help you on your journey to health'.

Then there are the ripples, started by the leaf gently touching the water. These are to represent the times when the simplest of words, the smallest of actions, and the gentlest of medications can touch a person and start the ripples of change. Our aim at the clinic is to help you in your journey towards better wellbeing through supporting different aspects of your health.

(Fun fact: the photos used to begin the process of designing our logo, were taken at the pond on Peachfield Common, very early one morning at sunrise. Also, the lantern used in the photos is still at the clinic in reception.)

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