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Old Beacon Clinic Building - Malvern
Beacon Clinic Blue Door - Malvern
Beacon Clinic Building Malvern

The Clinic's History

The Beacon Clinic is situated in a quiet road in the centre of the lovely Victorian town of Great Malvern. The building was bought in 2001 by Drs Martin and Sue Allbright to move their original smaller clinic to larger premises, in order to bring together a skilled multidisciplinary team of therapists who would want to work with other like-minded professionals.

The old black-and-white building was originally a stable and coach house, built in Victorian times and owned by the Woodyatt family, who were well-known in the town. Visitors who had come to Great Malvern for the ‘Water Cure’ would be taken for a tour around the hills by coach and horses from this stable. Since then, the building has had various uses. The last owner was Royla Air Force Association who used it as offices and storage until they moved out 2 years earlier, leaving it in a state of disrepair.

The building needed completely renovating and, after the initial structural building work had been done, the remaining work was completed by Martin and Sue. They worked evenings and weekends, to make the suite of 5 treatment rooms and meeting room as they had imagined they could become. The clinic opened it’s doors to it's first practitioners and clients in 2002 and immediately became a very happy and welcoming space. It developed an excellent reputation both locally and across the West Midlands over the years.

In 2018, the adjacent St John’s Ambulance Hall went up for sale; this included 12 ft. of the original coach house. Martin and Sue were able to purchase the small part of the old building; this enabled us to make the building complete again and, in doing so, protect the peace of the clinic. The purchase turned out to require a major renovation project, largely taken on by Martin, with help from family and friends. Finally, the two additional treatment rooms were completed in 2019. It was a great day when the corridor was opened up to connect the clinic to it’s missing part!

Martin and Sue Allbright - Beacon Clinic Opening Day - Malvern - 2002
2018 Building work at Beacon Clinic - Malvern
Beacon Clinic 2002 Building Work - Malvern
Beacon Clinic Waiting Room
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