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Mentoring and Supervision

An important part of our professional care of others is the part of caring for ourselves. The place of mentoring and supervision is invaluable in the nurture and support of professionals.

At the Beacon Clinic we have 3 fully trained Mentor Supervisors in the therapies of Acupuncture, Counselling, and Psychotherapy.

What Is Mentoring - Supervision?

Mentoring supervision can be provided in a group setting or on a one to one arrangement and gives us a chance to look at our own needs as a practitioner in a setting that is a safe, nurturing, and confidential.

It is a time when we as practitioners can consider our interaction with our patients and therefore can monitor our responses appropriately. During a session we may also explore practice problems and practicalities of being an independent practitioner. 

These sessions are an opportunity to look at difficult situations and when we make changes to those situations we develop our self-esteem and confidence. Sharing our difficulties and successes is empowering and energising.

When we start to see our professional needs being met we begin to see how such an enjoyable and valuable aspect this process is.

Rachel Morgan - Beacon Clinic Malvern

Acupuncture Master,
Mentor Supervisor, and Medical Educator

Acupuncturist and Mentor Supervisor 

 Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor

 Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor

Typical Issues Which Frequently Occur

  • Roles, contracts and boundary issues

  • Tangled relationships

  • Professional and personal issues

  • Communication skills

  • Money issues

  • Emotional responses to patients (eg 'difficult' patients) including the death of a patient

  • Endings

  • Time management

  • Burn out

  • Ethics

  • Building up a practice

  • Relationships with other practitioners and professionals

"Inside everyone of us is a garden and each practitioner has to go back to it and take care of it." - Thich Nhat Hanh

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