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Physiotherapy - Beacon Clinic
Physiotherapy - Beacon Clinic -Back Pain Treatment
Physiotherapy - Beacon Clinic


What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a traditional method for relieving pain and stiffness and restoring balance and function following injury, surgery or disease. The treatment may involve electrotherapy, massage, balance work and exercises to assist the body to heal the issue. 

PRRT – Primal Reflex Release Technique is a very effective manual therapy devised by John Iams (US Physical Therapist) that can be used for the relief of Musculo-skeletal pain and general stress. It is based on the idea that over stimulation of the primal pain reflex mechanism can cause patterns of pain to be held within the body long after the initial trauma has passed. This gentle technique provides speedy relief from pain and has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system.

Pelvic Correction – If the pelvis is out of alignment, it can cause back, hip, knee, ankle, neck or shoulder problems. A very simple system of exercises devised by Alexander Barrie can be used to re-align the pelvis, allowing the secondary problems to settle down. The patient can then continue these exercises at home.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique uses a very simple technique of tapping on energy meridian points of the body in order to unblock the energy system and release what has been creating anxiety and pain. It achieves amazing results on stress related problems as well as clearing physical aches and pains. The patient can then continue with the tapping technique at home.

Spiritual Healing and Assemblage Point Healing - Spiritual healing involves the transmission of loving healing energy from the spiritual realm, via the spirit of the therapist, to the spirit of the patient. This creates a feeling of relaxation and peace within the individual as the energy system is re-balanced. The Assemblage Point is where our energy fields connect to our physical body. If we experience major trauma, prolonged stress or long- term illness, this can cause the assemblage point to shift out of alignment. A trained therapist can move the assemblage point back to its correct position, with the aid of a crystal, to restore wellbeing.

Physiotherapy - Beacon Clinic
Physiotherapy - Beacon Clinic
Physiotherapy - Beacon Clinic

With physiotherapy, the aim is to find the root cause of your condition, whether you have short term pain or a long-term problem. A treatment plan is put together to alleviate the problem, using techniques that work with the body’s ability to repair tissues, strengthening muscles and more.

Where appropriate, you will be given advice on how to manage and prevent pain by postural and lifestyle adjustments. Any advice is tailored to your symptoms, also taking into account your life situation and fitness level. This way, any adjustments can feel manageable for you.

Physiotherapy is suitable for teenagers and adults of all ages.

Complementary Therapies Available

The following therapies can be used alongside traditional physiotherapy techniques to help you towards better health. 

Trevayne - Physiotherapist - Beacon Clinic


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